Message from the Principal

(Foreword of SPOTLIGHT 2014 Issue 6)


Life is a Magical Journey

Welcome to the 6th issue of Spotlight: the annual English magazine showcasing snapshots of our students' learning experiences and achievements. This past school year was a brilliant and meaningful learning experience for both our energetic students and dedicated teachers. Not only are we devoted to building up an encouraging and caring environment that nurtures students into individuals with good academic performance, but also committed to equipping them with positive values and ambition towards the journey of life. 

The theme of this edition is "Life is a Magical Journey", which echoes with the first ever English Drama show called A Magical Journey, produced by passionate students and teachers during the English Week. The encouraging feedback towards our English Week drama show has undoubtedly further enhanced the confidence of the students and teachers in the production team. The audience was inspired not only by the storyline and the performances, but by the perseverance and the talent that their fellow students showed.

Through events such as a collaborative project with the University of Hong Kong, 'English all Around the World' English Days, the English enrichment courses, English camp and dynamic English Week activities, we showed students that everything in our journey of life has to be done bit by bit with persistence and appreciation. For instance, it only takes a blink of an eye to send an arrow straight into a target; however, it may have taken a person's immeasurable time and effort to acquire the skills. Instead of just focusing on the end result, we encourage our students to look at life as a magical journey, in which they should try their best to find joy while tackling the challenges encountered. 

Last but not least, thanks to our Lord that we have had a fruitful year at Lai Chack Middle School. Although we are unique individuals with different backgrounds and opinions, our paths cross with which creates opportunities for us to share our faith, hope and love in the journey of life. We hope you will enjoy the 6th issue of Spotlight and wish you all a magical journey in life!

Mr. Tsang Yau-shing
Lai Chack Middle School