Message from the Principal

(Foreword of SPOTLIGHT 2010 Issue 2)


Around Lai Chack in 80 Years – We grow, We prosper

It is a great honour to welcome readers to the second issue of Spotlight, the English magazine produced by Lai Chack Middle School. After the release of the first issue of Spotlight in July 2009, I have received considerable compliments from school heads, teachers and educators from around Hong Kong. Here, I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude to your favourable responses.

Indeed, 2009/10 has been a significant year for us not just because of the implementation of the 334 new academic structure, but even more because of our school’s 80th anniversary which marks a new milestone for Lai Chack. Established in 1929, over 80 years, faces and things of the school changed except one thing: teachers and staff of different eras have committed all the way through to the provision of quality education for our next generation. Looking back, we take pride in our achievements and the contributions we have made over the past decades. It is our hope that we must keep on nurturing our students to become proactive lifelong learners with a global perspective, who can speak and write fluent English, and who have the interests of serving the community at
heart. “Around Lai Chack in 80 Years – We grow, We prosper” is the theme of the second issue of Spotlight. In this issue, you are invited to witness the memorable moments we had in celebrating the 80th anniversary, as well as the changes and progress our students achieved in the English language.

Through continuous refinement to our curricula and commitment to excellence, Lai Chack was once the “cradle” that nurtured countless distinguished alumni who now bear enormous influence on the community. Among the many successful alumni, I would like to specially acknowledge the support of Ms Connie Lau Ying-hing, Chief Executive of Consumer Council for being interviewed by the Editorial Team of Spotlight. We believe the reading of her stories and experiences would be both inspirational and enlightening.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the English teachers who have worked hard over a long journey to open up the gates for our students towards a fulfilling environment in learning the English language. Their selfless contributions and unfailing support should deserve commendations.

I hope reading this magazine would be a pleasure to you!

Mr Tsang Yau-shing

Lai Chack Middle School